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#1. The statutes are classified according to:

#2. A temporary statute is one where period of operation is til

#3. A statute which punishes wrongs is a

#4. The law made by the legislature is known as

#5. Public statutes include examples such as the


#6. Noscitur a sociis means


#7. The principle laid down in Lee vs. Knapp is the

#8. An amending statute is one


#9. Ejusdem generis means "of the

#10. According to Maxwell; the statute made by the legislature is the

#11. Logical interpretation lays emphasis on the

#12. Non-obstante clause means


#13. A statute which repeals an earlier statute is called a

#14. Litera legis refers to the

#15. Contemporaneous exposition law arises from

#16. The object of interpretation is to determine


#17. A rule of construction is deemed well-settled when there are principles of

#18. Beneficial statutes are also called

#19. _________ construction is applied when conflicting portions are reconciled


#20. The Mischief rule was laid down in


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