Intellectual Property Rights Quiz


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#1. IPR protects the use of information & ideas that are of:

#2. The term of copyright for an author lasts how long?

#3. In case of a musical work the composer is the owner of the copyright.

#4. Kolhapuri chappals are registered as:

#5. The Patent Act was passed in the year?


#6. Essential condition of copyright protection is that the work must be:


#7. _________ is the first owner of a copyright in a work created by an employee in his employment.


#8. How many copies of the work are required to be submitted for registration of copyright?

#9. In your view who can be the right holder of IPR?

#10. The term WIPO stands for:

#11. The Convention establishing WIPO was signed at:

#12. Which of the following rights are not covered by copyright?

#13. TRIPS is:

#14. The Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers' Rights Act was passed in the year:

#15. In the case of the photograph the term author applies to?

#16. The Copyright Act was passed in the year?

#17. Intellectual property is usually divided into:


#18. Geographical Indication is the property of the:

#19. World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated every year on:

#20. Universal Copyright Convention was revised in 1971 at:


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