Labour Law 2 Quiz


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#1. POWA wage limit is


#2. The total amount of fines shall not be more than _______ of the wages payable in a wage period


#3. The wage period shall not exceed more

#4. _________ is the gross profit for the year after deducting the expenses referred to in Sec-6.


#5. What do we call the measures by the government to aid the poor and needy?


#6. What is the minimum number of working days to be eligible for bonus?

#7. What is the wage limit for the purpose of calculating bonus?

#8. What is the wage limit under the Payment of Bonus Act?

#9. What is the meaning of living and minimum wages?


#10. The National Old Age Pension Scheme is an example of

#11. Is the doctrine of Notional extension admissible under ECA?

#12. What is the normal formula for calculating statutory bonus?

#13. What is the maximum amount of ALS that can be carried forward to the next year?

#14. Full Bench Formula was claimed in which case?

#15. What is the wage limit for calculating compensation?

#16. Where is the set on/set off illustrated in _____under the Bonus Act?

#17. How many schedules are there in ECA?


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