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#1. ____________ defines ownership as: Plenary control over objects.


#2. Kautilya's Mentions land reforms in ?


#3. Land held under a gift or grant by Nizam or or Jagirdhar or other competent person

#4. _____ is the Holder of large estates deriving rights from sovereign for collecting rents & taxes.


#5. Ownership in land: Can be ____________


#6. Is the digital platform created and maintained for the purpose of ROR:

#7. ______ Contains ownership details.


#8. The land revenue system implemented by the Britishers in India:

#9. Records prepared & maintained electronically in Dharani portal.


#10. _______ Involves legal transfer of ownerless property to the crown.


#11. Who introduced reforms in the land revenue system:

#12. Ryotwari system was introduced by:

#13. The first case before the Supreme Court regarding the Constitutional validity of the 1st Amendment Act was challenged in:

#14. _________ is Foundation on which the entire revenue administration rests.


#15. Shershah's fame mainly rested with:

#16. Article-____ of the Constitution: Contemplates the Doctrine of Escheat to cover ownerless property.


#17. Classification of lands for ceiling purpose:

#18. "Salus populi est suprema lex" (welfare of the people is the paramount law) is based on what principle?


#19. Right to property is no more a fundamental right under part-III of the Indian constitution by which Amendment:

#20. The "Ten Year settlement" was called as:


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