Public International Law Quiz


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#1. Observation of International Law as a Law was made by:

#2. Which source was mentioned for the first time in Article 38 of the Permanent Court of International Justice?

#3. How many types of State Recognition in International Law?

#4. What is meant by Pacta sunt servanda?

#5. Who is considered the father of PIL?

#6. What are the kinds of state succession?


#7. PIL is also called as

#8. Oppenheim's definition International Law talks about:

#9. Who wrote "De Jure Belli ac Pacis"?

#10. A state is and becomes an international person through recognition only and exclusively. By:

#11. Codification means

#12. What are the elements of State?


#13. A provisional recognition of an existing state is called

#14. Auto limitation theory is coined by

#15. According to which theory Municipal Law & International Law, Both are the same.


#16. Substitution of one state by another state is called

#17. The rule of state succession was incorporated from:

#18. Acquisition of Res Nullius:

#19. Formal acknowledgment of an entity by an existing country is called

#20. International law is the vanishing point of jurisprudence was opined by:


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