Delhi Liquor Scam – Attempt to Play Smart With the Law

Some people think they are safe to do anything, by making others do it on their behalf. They surely know it is a conspiracy and make sure that no evidence points to them. This was the confidence that Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal had and refused to attend the ED summons 9 times before he was arrested. Just because there is no soil to his hands, doesn’t mean he can escape from the eyes of the law.

K. Kavitha from Telangana also might have thought the same and transacted through her Chartered Accountant. They played it smart but did not see the statements from the approver coming. When the ED promised reduced punishment if they revealed the names of all who were involved in the scam, approvers would definitely spill the beans.

Now, the ED is rigorously trying to find evidence to link with the statements. Seems like the conspirators only saw the safe play but forgot how much this would spoil their reputation. Though the central government has its own problems like Brij Bhushan and huge donations through electoral bonds, they managed to divert their shortcomings by arresting the big heads of various states just before the Lok Sabha elections. It’s all about waiting for the right time to hit the ball to get maximum advantage.

(Personal opinion of author)

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